CISCA Recognized Contractor Program

CISCA is an association of Contractors, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Independent Sales Representatives that promote the installation of interior wall and ceiling materials. Of these groups, Contractors are central to the purchasing, and installation of products.

It is important to all our CISCA members to have confidence that our Contractor members are recognized as being in good standing with the industry.

This program is a voluntary program and is to encourage contractors to submit basic information that can be reviewed to provide a level of comfort to the industry.

Interfacing with CISCA’s educational topics, being a part of our Emerging Leaders Program, attending events, all help to make our Contractors and our association be more engaged and successful.

A basic acknowledgement of core competencies and level of engagement for our Contractors is the intent. Are you a competent installer, are you a reputable payee, are you known within our industry? What are your core strengths?  These are some of our basic considerations for being Acknowledged by this program.

CISCA wants to engage with new (and existing) contractors while opening doors for them to promoting companies in good standing to our fellow members and online. We would like to be a resource for Architects, Owners, Developers and Contractors to help source Contractors through our association.

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