Committees & Task Forces

The purpose of each of CISCA's task forces is to further CISCA’s mission.  CISCA’s mission is:

  • Identify and address trends, diversity and growth of the industry and its members.

  • Communicate CISCA’s vision to all members, while fostering excitement and enthusiasm for a transformative, modern association experience. Offer a variety of collaboration and networking opportunities that will attract all CISCA audiences.

  • Create a structure within CISCA built on easy communication, visibility and accountability that allows volunteers and members to easily connect with the value of the association. Achieve standards of administration which are commensurate with the association’s vision and focus on ensuring a positive experience to its volunteers.

  • Create modern two-way communication between CISCA audiences and the expertise of CISCA’s members. Communication should be focused on education, current trends and the member knowledge base. Determine the next steps that allow CISCA to remain the authority in specialty interiors and acoustical ceilings using a modern mode of communication.

This will be done with the following committees:

Technical Committee
Membership Committee
Events Committee
Communications Committee
Finance Committee
Recruiting Committee

Under the committees are task forces:

Technical Committee:

2020 EPD Task Force
Industry Marketing Advisory


Membership Committee:

New Members Marketing/Recruiting Strategy
Emerging Leaders

Events Committee:

Fall Conference Task Force
Convention Task Force
Construction Excellence Awards


Communications Committee

Technology Innovations


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If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, please contact the CISCA office,