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CISCA's publications are a must for your technical and training library.  Many of the guides are specified in building codes or referenced in construction specifications nationally and internationally.  Browse our list (below) of technical publications available for purchase through our E-Store.  Most of the publications are available for immediate download. Click on the title of the publication to view the first page or table of contents of that publication.

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2019 CISCA Through The Years - a History of CISCA (PDF only)
An engaging history of CISCA from its inception in 1950 to the present day and beyond. This publication is free to members in a PDF format.

Member Price: FREE
Non-Member Price: $20.00

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Acoustical Ceilings Use & Practice (PDF or printed copies available)

This publication has complete information on properties of sound and acoustical materials, terminology and installation, as well as a comprehensive evaluation of acoustical ceiling systems.

Member price: $25.00 (pdf), $45.00 (printed)
Non-member price: $50.00 (pdf), $55.00 (printed)

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Ceiling Systems Handbook (PDF or printed copies available)

The authoritative guide to ceiling installation, safety, and tools for modern ceiling installation. A excellent resource for those new to the industry, educators, contractors, or anyone needing a detailed overview of proper, safe procedures for installing ceilings.

Each chapter contains a Learn Through Review section for those who wish to use it for training purposes. The Handbook also contains the updated CISCA Code of Practices which may be incorporated into a general contract as desired.

Member price: $80.00 (pdf), $85.00 (printed)
Non-member price: $95.00 (pdf), $100.00 (printed)

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Challenging Applications Reference Guide (PDF Only)

Ceilings are functional and decorative, but also are affected by the uses and needs of the facilities in which they are installed. Exposure to heat, humidity, salt water and other conditions can have potentially adverse effects on the materials used.
This all-new publication is a resource for challenging applications that you might come across. Its intent is to highlight certain challenges as well as guide you to the right resources, guidelines, and information that are available so that you can make the right decisions as you move forward with your project.
Covered in this expert publication are: Data Centers, Healthcare, Metal Security Ceilings, Swimming Pool Areas and Ship Ceilings.
Member price: $25
Non-member price: $45
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Custom Acoustical Glass Fiber Wall & Ceiling Panels (PDF or printed copies available)

This guide will assist with the design and specification of customized acoustical wall panels, and the selection of the most effective materials for each wall application.

Member price: $15.00 (PDF), $20.00 (printed)
Non-member price: $45.00 (PDF), $50.00 (printed)

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Glass Reinforced Gypsum Guides (PDF or printed copies available)

Learn about glass reinforced gypsum products, with emphasis on relating all necessary steps essential for complete and successful products.

Member price: $15.00 (PDF), $20.00 (printed)
Non-member price: $35.00 (PDF), $40.00 (printed)

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Metal Ceilings Technical Guidelines (PDF or printed copies available)
2015 edition -- Reviewed 2018
Developed by industry manufacturers and contractors, this is the first industry technical publication to guide the selection and specification of metal ceilings.

Member price:  $20.00 (PDF), $25.00 (printed)
Non-member price:  $50.00 (PDF), $55.00 (printed)

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Metal Security Ceilings Use and Practice (PDF or printed copies available)

CISCA's Security Ceiling Committee produced this book to help justice facility owners, designers, and contractors select metal security ceiling products that provide design solutions for today's detention facilities.

Member price: $20.00 (PDF), $25.00 (printed)
Non-member price: $50.00 (PDF), $60.00 (printed)
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Recommended Test Procedures for Access Floors (PDF or printed copies available)
2007 Edition
This publication recommends test procedures and reporting formats that have broad applications. Each test is described by its purpose, preparation, procedures and reporting methods.  New sections include Uniform Load testing, Drop Impact Load testing, Fire Performance and Air Leakage.

Member price: $20.00 (PDF), $25.00 (printed)
Non-member price: $50.00 (PDF), $55.00 (printed)

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    Seismic Construction Handbook (PDF Only)

Codes can only cover the most common construction installation and, by their nature, give only sparse details about how to implement their requirements.  The CISCA Seismic Construction Handbook is intended to cover other commonly encountered installations.  It not only covers these situations, but gives detailed advice, tips, and illustrations to help both contractors and inspectors ensure that ceilings installed in seismic areas are installed correctly and economically.

Member price: $45.00
Non-member price: $70.00

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Wood Ceilings Technical Guidelines (PDF Only, new version coming July 2020)
The purpose of this publication is to serve as a guideline for architects, designers and contractors on the design, manufacture, handling, installation and maintenance of wood ceiling systems.

Member Price : $40.00
Non- Member Price: $75.00

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Recommended Levels of Finish for Gypsum Board, Glass Mat and Fiber-Reinforced Gypsum Panels - 2017

This publication is a free download.  Click on the link above or go to the e-store, pdf copies, to download.

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