2018 Fall Conference and Networking Event


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Get ready to network, learn and lead at the annual Fall Conference and Networking Event, October 3-5, 2018 at the Hotel Denver Inverness in Englewood, Colorado. Dynamic speakers and exclusive networking opportunities as well as fun events are being planned for you! If you’re new to CISCA or a “regular,” you are welcome in the Mile High City.

This year, in addition to our exclusive networking and industry-tailored educational and leadership events, we kick off the Inaugural CISCA Ceiling Product Showcase, October 4, 11:30am-4:00pm. The Showcase is focused on the acoustical ceiling and interior system industry, will feature useful product demonstrations, and takes place over a casual lunch buffet. Come for the whole conference or register for the Showcase only, the choice is yours!

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Announcing our informative, entertaining, and industry-relevant education speakers for this year's conference.

Randy Emelo Merit Gest Jeff Sample
Founder / Chief Strategist, River Software
Modern Mentoring In Action


Randy Emelo is the founder of River, a Denver-based company that builds mentoring and social learning software. He is also the company’s Chief Strategist, focusing on the development and delivery of a broad array of training, consulting, and support services that complement River’s award-winning software.

Randy has more than 25 years of experience in management, training, and leadership development, and is a prolific author, speaker, and thought leader on topics related to collaboration, mentoring, social learning, and talent development. Randy’s highly regarded book, Modern Mentoring, is available from ATD Press.

Randy holds a master’s degree in organizational design and effectiveness from Fielding Graduate University (formerly The Fielding Institute) in Santa Barbara, CA.


Professional Sales Strategist

Three Keys to Consistent Workflow & Sales Success:

What contractors need to know to prepare for feast or famine  

What do contractors, manufacturers, vendors and sales teams all have in common? Serving the customer is key. Whether it be new work, new deals or changes, the nuts and bolts of being successful in the short and long term are based on the same three principles. In an interactive presentation by Merit Gest, you will discover the three critical parts to growing business now and in the future.

Let’s face it, contractors are there to do a job and the last thing they want to think about is growing sales. Isn’t that someone else’s job? Well, no. Sales is everyone’s job. The best part is that nobody expects a sales conversation from a contractor there to get the work done… and that’s why they are your secret sauce to growing business. In this session, contractors, salespeople, managers and owners learn alongside each other the specific mindsets, actions and skills that grow business in a non-pushy, non-“sales-y” way. 

These principles have been tested in the real world of contractors, out on job sites from pest control to landscaping and yes, acoustical ceilings too!

Confronting the 3 Myths that Challenge Your Success  

There are some unquestioned beliefs in business that if left unchecked will sabotage your success, no matter how hard you work. They will sabotage you as a leader, sales professional, manager, owner and as an entrepreneur. It's one thing to believe these myths… but where we get ourselves into trouble is when we ACT on them. These myths lead to costly mistakes… or Myth-stakes. Letting Myth-stakes drive your business decisions keeps you playing a smaller game. And you’re here to play your biggest and best game ever so before you leave this year’s conference, learn how to shift your thinking about the Myth-stakes that impact sales, hiring, leadership, marketing, customer service and employee satisfaction so you can nail down your best year yet.


Merit Gest has more than 20 years experience with sales, sales management and training. She is the President & Founder of Merit-based Professional Development, a company that trains salespeople and leadership teams to increase sales, increase profit, increase market share, enhance leadership skills and promote collaborative productive work teams. Prior to forming MBPD, Merit was Senior VP of Sales for a nationwide sales training organization. She was also the youngest General Sales Manager for a radio station in the country’s third largest market.


Construction Technology Expert
Designing the Ultimate Construction Mobile Device Program

Jeff optimizes companies throughout the construction industry by designing solutions, optimizing strategic advantages, and breaking down information silos. Based in Vail, Colorado, his passion for outdoor adventure led to triathlons and Ironman competitions, garnering him the moniker "The Ironman of IT."

Jeff studied Software Lifecycle as a DevOps Engineer where he learned and developed software solutions for ecommerce, security, compliance, as well as several operational environments. He also honed his skills in SaaS design, API’s, and implementing cloud solutions that scale; he's transformed how companies create and apply solid infrastructures for IT ecosystems.

Jeff's signature technology solutions place emphasis on functionality and fiscal responsibility. His work encompasses a wide breadth of industries including: Ski Resorts, Hospitality, Real Estate, Health Care, and now Construction Technology.

He currently serves as a member of the AGC IT Steering committee, assisting the organization's momentum toward improving the quality of construction. Jeff evaluates AEC companies' technology needs and provides custom solutions and road maps with JBKnowledge Consulting Services Team. You can tune in to hear Jeff weekly on The ConTech Crew podcast or catch his presentations at The ConTech Roadshows.




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