Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding entries for the Construction Excellence Awards Program.
Listed below are the questions we have received most often regarding entries in the Construction Excellence Awards program.  Please feel free to contact us for further clarification or if your question is not listed.
Q:  When are the entries due? 
A:  January 31, 2017
Q:  Can I submit my project after January 31, 2017? 
A:  No, any entries received after January 31 will not be accepted.
Q:  What is the fee to submit an entry? 
A:  $750, but if your entry is submitted by January 13, the fee is $450.
Q:  How do I submit my entry?
A:  All entries must be submitted online. Click here for a video on how to enter.
Q:  Can I put the name of the architect in the written description?
A:  No.  If names identifying locations or specific product names are included, points will be deducted from the judges scoring.
Q:  Can I put the name of the project or company in the written description? 
A:  No.  If names are included, points will be deducted from the judges scoring.
Q:  What category should I enter my project in? 
A:  You should submit it in the category you feel best represents the project.
Q:  What region does my project get entered in, where my office is or where the project is? 
A:  The region in which the project is located.
Q:  Do I have to select a project size?
A:  Yes. After selecting the category; the project will be submitted into one of two sub-categories (based on the size of the work done by the contractor submitting the project)
Q:  Can I present my project again next year if it does not win this year? 
A:  No.  Projects should be submitted for judging one time only.
Q:  Do my photographs have to be done by a professional photographer? 
A:  No.  The photographs should be 300 dpi or higher and clearly show the judges your work.
Q:  Who should be listed on the project as “Other CISCA members”? 
A:  All companies that contributed to the final product should be listed as participating on the project.  Only CISCA members will be recognized in the magazine and during the breakfast.
Q:  I need an extension on the due date – what is the last day I can send my entry? 
A:  January 31. There is no extension.
Q:  How will I be informed if I win?
A:  Winners will be contacted after judging. 
Q:  What is the deadline for the participating company to become a CISCA member? 
A:  The date of judging, which is generally the second week of February.
Q:  Can I submit a video?
A:  Yes. No longer than 5 minutes in length is optional (bonus point awarded if included)
Q:  Can I submit pictures of the project during construction?
A:  Yes. Photos of the project during construction are helpful for judging (bonus judging points awarded if included)
If we have not answered all your questions, please email or call us, or 630-584-1919.
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