2015 Awards: Acoustical Solutions

Central Region

James Michael Flaherty Federal Building

Contractor: Advance Drywall Ltd.
Architect: David S. McRobie Architects, Inc.
Acoustician: State of the Art Acoustik, Inc.

The 650,000-square-foot, 17-story James Michael Flaherty federal building is one of the largest new construction projects in Ottawa, Ontario. Throughout the lobby and offices, ROCKFON's ceiling systems meet the aesthetics, safety, acoustics and sustainability, including LEED® Gold criteria. The design-build project team included DIALOG, DSMA, Advance Drywall and Morin Bros.

Pisco y Nazca Restaurant

Manufacturer: Fellert North America
Contractor: Delta Construction LLC
Architect: Celano Design

The Celano Studios in New York City designed a creative and unique ceiling plan for their Pisco Y Nazca Ceviche Gastro bar in Miami, Florida. This project required a very keen sense of attention plus a creative touch to achieve the oceanic feel portrayed by the architect as well as the acoustical requirements within the space. Various techniques were used to achieve this stunning oceanic look using the Fellert Even Better System.


Contractor: E&K of Chicago
Architect: HOK

The Chicago-based software company, kCura, develops web based applications used to manage evidence for litigations and investigations. Located in the heart of Chicago's financial district, this company's newly constructed office contains a plethora of high end finishes. This office was designed by HOK companies and managed by Skender. The 50,000 square foot space features a specialty felt baffle ceiling system manufactured by Arktura called Atmosphera Analog.

East Region

Grace Farms

Grace Farms

Contractor: Penlyn Construction
Architect: SANAA Architects
Architect: Handel Architects
Acoustician: Harvey Marshall Berling Associates

Grace Farms River Building was designed by Japanese architect SANAA, and partners with nature. The architects used careful detailing, and wood plays a starring role. 9Wood provided a custom micro-perforated 3-1/4" Linear wood ceiling with 1.5 mm holes. Painstaking control of Douglas-fir veneered planks delivered performance and old-world craftsmanship.

601 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

601 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

Rulon International
Contractor: Pillar Construction
Architect: Duda Paine Architects

The 601 Massachusetts Avenue, NW office building was designed to achieve LEED Gold certification. Located in Mount Vernon, Washington D.C., an amazing ceiling greets visitors as they enter the building lobby. The beautiful acoustic ceiling features Aluratone 830 micro-groove acoustical wood veneered panels and vertical wood veneered  flat panels, all manufactured by Rulon International. This highly complex ceiling was designed by Duda Paine Architects. The ceiling features a variety of panel angles and depths throughout the space. The interesting design posed a challenge during installation but was professionally and successfully completed ahead of schedule by Pillar Construction.

Prudential Headquarters

Prudential Headquarters

Acoustical Surfaces, Inc.
Contractor: Structuretone
Manufacturer: Acoustigreen
Architect: Kohen Pedersen Fox Associates PC

This project, a new headquarters building for Prudential in Newark NJ, consisted of several areas which needed excellent-sounding acoustics. Coordination of all the elements for this highly-complex project was "impressive", a difficult project was beautifully realized, challenges were met, expectations were exceeded, and sound in the treated areas is now excellent. The acoustic-panel manufacturer was Acoustigreen (part of Acoustical Surfaces, Inc., Chaska MN), the contractor was Structuretone (Woodbridge NJ), and the architect was KPF (New York NY).

South Region

University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley Performing Arts

University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley Performing Arts Complex

Contractor: Marek Brothers Systems, Inc.
Independent Manufacturers Rep.: Specified Interiors, Inc.
Architect: Page Southerland Page

Acoustician: Jaffe Holden

The University of Texas–Rio Grande Valley Performing Arts Complex was built for their nationally-recognized music programs. Aesthetic treatment was critical for the faceted balconies and walls. 9Wood provided 5,000 SF of varied-spacing grilles. Another 6,000 SF of Western Red Cedar Linears were fabricated for the exterior soffits, welcoming guests to the building.

Texas Christian University Multipurpose Building, Dining Hall, Fort Worth, TX

Texas Christian University Multipurpose Building, Dining Hall

Gordon Incorporated
Contractor: Integrated Interiors
Independent Manufacturers Rep.: Designed Performance Associates
Architect: KSQ Architects

Steeped in tradition since its founding in 1869, Texas Christian University (TCU) recently completed construction of a multi-purpose facility with contemporary interior finishes. Gordon, Inc. developed a direct-hung, custom perforated, origami-style  ceiling system installed without requirement for conventional suspension. The ceiling was finished in a custom powder coat to match TCU purple.

This design is an excellent example of an orchestrated collaboration between the owner, architect, manufacturer, independent manufacturer's representatives, and the installing contractor. The complexity and stunning beauty of the project makes it truly deserving of a 2015 CISCA Construction Excellence Award in the Acoustical Solutions Category, South Region.

GulfQuest National Maritime Museum

GulfQuest National Maritime Museum

pinta acoustic, inc.
Contractor: Ben M. Radcliff Contractor Inc.
Architect: Watermark Design Group, LLC

GulfQuest museum's domed rotunda has open-floors above an interactive exhibit. It was designed with radiating bands of curved-steel plates. As constructed, the rotunda's dome-interior intensified reverberated-sound around the bands and other hard surfaces presenting an acoustical problem. SONEX® Valueline direct-applied panels solved the problem.

West Region

Pomona College - Millikan Laboratory & Andrew Science Hall

Pomona College - Millikan Laboratory & Andrew Science Hall

Steel Ceilings, Inc.
Contractor: Elljay Acoustics, Inc.
Architect: EHDD

Pomona College's Millikan Laboratory & Andrew Science Hall in Claremont, CA was designed by EHDD architects. The complete  renovation includes a 100 seat colloquium, domed planetarium, 2-story atrium as well world-class laboratories, classrooms and lecture halls. Steel Ceilings engineered and manufactured over 20,000 square feet of radiant heating and cooling ceiling panels which, along with stringent green building standards, helped achieve a certified LEED platinum status.

JUMP/Jack's Urban Meeting Place

JUMP/Jack's Urban Meeting Place

Rulon International
Contractor: Straight Up Carpentry
Contractor: Interior Systems, Inc.
Architect: Adamson Associates, Inc.

JUMP—or Jack's Urban Meeting Place—is a not-for-profit, community gathering center in the heart of downtown Boise, Idaho. The main 6-story, 65,000-square foot building has a beautiful interior which features 15,000 square feet of Aluratone 900 and 950 Acoustical Wood Veneered Panels, Curvatone Custom Shaped Acoustical Wood Veneered Panels and flat wood veneered panels.The panels cover just about  every wall and ceiling space in the building. They were all manufactured and provided by Rulon International. The incredible design comes from the minds of Adamson Associates, Inc. Straight Up Carpentry, Out of Bend Oregon, completed the challenging wall installation. Interior Systems Inc. out of Boise, Idaho did the professional ceiling installation.

Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Building at the University of Southern California

Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Building at the University of Southern California

Rulon International
Contractor: Grani Installation, Inc.
Architect: HKS Architects

The Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Building at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles California was designed by HKS ARCHITECTS, INC. The main interior features an open, central area with potential sound-reflective surfaces throughout the multi-story building. The solution was the installation of 4,500 square feet of Aluratone 940 Acoustical Wood Veneered Panels, which were custom manufactured by Rulon International. The acoustic issues in the very large interior were addressed with the addition of the beautiful Aluratone panels. Grani Installation, Inc. performed the professional installation.

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