CISCA Award Programs



Click here to see the dinner program from the Fall Conference which shows the entries into the 2021 CISCA Construction Excellence Awards program.


In 2020, in lieu of our awards program that was cancelled due to the COVID-19, CISCA announced its awards via a series of videos. Click here to see the winners and runners up.




De Gelleke Award Recipients

The DeGelleke Award is CISCA’s highest honor. Named for one of the founding members of the organization, Gerry DeGelleke, the award is given to that individual whose contribution to the industry and the association has been acknowledged as significant and noteworthy. The DeGelleke Award Committee each year consists of the current president and two most recent past presidents of CISCA.

Click here for a full list.


President's Award Recipients

The president's award is chosen by the president each year and given to a member he/she believes has contributed to his/her success as president and been a great asset to the association overall.

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