CISCA Wood Ceilings Technical Guidelines - PDF Copy

From the Introduction: The purpose of this publication is to provide guidelines for architects, designers, and contractors for the design, manufacture, handling, installation and maintenance of wood ceiling systems.
The team of CISCA members who created this publication includes experienced installers of wood ceiling systems, industry ceiling experts and manufacturers specializing in wood ceilings. The committee’s combined years of experience manufacturing and installing wood ceilings represented in this publication will contribute to a successful wood ceiling project.
By understanding the complexities of wood ceilings, architects and design groups can create more suitable specifications. Will the project require strict color consistency, or is a distinctive grain character more important to the aesthetic value of the project? Careful design and selection can limit uncertainty, help to prevent surprises, and allow early collaboration between manufacturers, architects, and contractors.
Wood has considerations unlike any other ceiling material. This guide can help you understand each critical step of design, manufacture, and installation of this masterpiece of nature.

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