Margin Recovery Roadmap: A CISCA Webinar presented by Actvantage

Wednesday, August 12th at 1:00pm CT

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Session Description:

Crises present an opportunity for a forced reset. As we have accepted and learned to adapt to COVID-19, now is the time to make decisions and move forward in these critical areas: revenue recovery, pricing decisions, capability building, significant investments, and talent development. The foremost thing is revenue recovery; however, in your race to revenue recovery, don’t lose sight of profitability. To help with your margin recovery and deliver a much-needed pricing reset, we have identified five rules for your success.

What will attendees learn?

A 10-step strategy for margin recovery
Five pricing rules to defend and optimize margin & profitability
How to navigate margin exceptions strategically


Presenter Information: At ActVantage, our goal is simple: Help distributors drive profitable growth through analytics and talent development. We simplify analytics for you by offering tools and training in inventory, pricing, sales management, and purchasing to drive your top and bottom line. ActVantage is not just a software or analytics company. We implement distribution best practices, such as customer stratification, inventory stratification, and profitable growth strategies. We leverage best practices from our seven perennial NAW Institute bestselling books that outline key operating principles for distributors of all shapes and sizes. We are passionate about taking our best practices to the next level by helping distributors develop data-driven but people-focused analytics capabilities. Our clients have experienced 150-350 points margin gain, up to 30% inventory reduction, and a 20% decrease in operating cost. (