The Four C's of Digitizing a Construction Workflow

By Rob McKinney "The Construction Tech Guru"


Thursday, April 2, 1:00PM CT 


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The adoption of new technology such as apps and mobile devices in the construction industry continues to grow! How can Contractors convert their workflows to utilize the most innovative hardware, software and strategies becoming available? In this presentation, Rob McKinney shares his years of experience researching, selecting and implementing mobile technology on construction projects. He will discuss how to make new technology work with your company’s current processes, budget and technology. 

Learning Objectives

  • Review the Four Steps: Convert, Configure, Context, and Central. 
  • Understand what makes a Tech Committee effective
  • Learn how developing a Requirements Matrix streamlines the process.
  • Hear tips for Technology Selection (purchase and management).
  • Learn what makes for an efficient, effective Implementation process.